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Our Story

Family owned, handcrafted mead

Crave Mead began in June of 2015 when a brewer of 26 years and a hobby became a beloved business. At family celebrations we would often bring our homemade mead to the table. Family and friends enjoyed our mead so much we decided to share it with you. Since then we have expanded, but our goals have remained the same. Create a welcoming atmosphere that makes friends feel like family and give our customers a new, unique drinking experience. 


Our ingredients are locally sourced to give you seasonal flavors that are unique to the New England region. All of our meads are gluten free and handcrafted to ensure the highest quality of mead.


Mission Statement

At Crave Mead, our mission as a family owned business is to provide our customers with delicious, high quality mead that is locally crafted. We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service. We treat our customers like good friends by providing an accurate, timely and welcoming atmosphere for all.

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Bees at Work

What is Mead?

Mead has been the choice of drink for thousands of years. The Vikings were even drinking!  Mead is its own type of alcohol similar to wine, only it is made from fermented honey to give it a sweet taste. During the production, we add seasonal New England fruits or spices to make your taste buds buzz.

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We are nestled in a shared country home in Blackstone, MA. Come by to say hello and pick up your bottle of Crave today. We know after one glass you’ll be buzzing for more.


We are available for curbside pick ups upon request.

7 Main Street Blackstone, MA 01504

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