Mulled Mead - 1 bottle mead, 2 cinnamon sticks, vanilla or clove, 1/2 sliced orange.  Place in crock pot on low for 1 hour and then warm for the remainder of the time. 
Sangria - 1 bottle of mead, either 2 heaping tbls. frozen lemonade or frozen orange juice depending on the mead.  Add sliced oranges, strawberries, other berries, and ice.
Mead Daiquiri - 6 oz Blackcurrant mead with 10 chunks of frozen mango in a blender or drink mixer.
  Gingerbread mead and Dark Rum
Mead Margarita - 1 bottle mead, 1/2 can frozen limeade or 2 cups any limeade, lime to garnish, and ice. 


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